Deep Cleaning 



Office Cleaning
We Beat Competitor Detail & Quality 
*   Use High Quality HEPA Vacuum’s by Sanitaire
*   Clean & Sanitize Kitchens & Washrooms
*   Dust all Horizontal Surfaces, Including Furniture &     

*   Empty Trash Containers
*   Baseboards - Wet wipe or Dry
*   Clean Entry Glass & Window Service
*   Vacuum & Wet Mop Hard Floor Areas
*   Cobweb Removal
*   Clean HVAC Return Grates
*   Refill Paper & Soap Dispensers

*   Clean equipment, keyboard, stapler, monitor, etc...
*   Carpet Cleaning & More!!!

commercial &

office cleaning

Deep Cleaning Info & Rates 
3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom $295-505
4 bedroom/ 2 bathroom $315-595
4 bedroom/ 3 bathroom $385-700
5 bedroom/ 2 bathroom $420-735
5 bedroom/ 3 bathroom $525-875
5 bedroom/ 4 bathroom $595-1,015
6 bedroom/ 5 bathroom $700-1,190

General Cleaning:​​
Bathrooms: clean and deodorize toilet, clean sinks, showers and/or tubs, glass surfaces, mirrors, and fixtures.
Kitchen: wipe down cabinet faces, clean countertops and any appliances on countertop, stovetop, wipe refrigerator, and clean sink.

All Other Areas:
*Empty trash and recycling.
*Dust top of furniture.
*Sweep and wet mop all non-carpeted floors.

*Vacuum traffic carpeted areas including stairs.

*Clean glass on entrance door.
 This service includes General Cleaning plus:
*Clean behind and inside refrigerator.
*Clean all lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, and wall
*Vacuum blinds and window treatments.
*Vacuum all sofas and chairs.
*Clean behind and under all moveable furniture.
*Vacuum baseboards and woodwork, damp
wipe if necessary.

The above prices are ONLY ESTIMATES.

Prices may be higher if a house has multiple living areas, house does not have wall to wall carpeting, has animal hair, year round occupancy, or other factors that would increase time & supplies.  .


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